The SideBar of Shame

Every day, thousands and thousands of people go on MailOnline to get their news and gossip fix, which would be fine and dandy if the people who wrote for the Daily Mail were actually educated journalists. But they’re not. 

From their numerous campaigns to stop bullying to their endless articles about celebrity acne breakouts, their hypocrisy is akin to none and the disrespect they treat celebrities or commoners, like us plebs, with is slightly gut wrenching. They use words like ‘hilarious’, ‘breathtaking’ and ‘heartbreaking’ so much that readers are begging them to read a thesaurus and finally figure out what them words mean. And you know when you click on an article which title reads something like “The exact moment…” you’re going for an intrusive, highly assumptive piece of journalistic excrement.

Also, they allow Liz Jones and Samantha Brick to randomly click keys on a word processor and then post it for everyone to read. If that isn’t reason enough to create this blog, I don’t know what is.


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